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As part of the Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture, the G20 Heads of States endorsed in their 2011 Declaration both Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM) and the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS).
Pilsen workshop

Focused on farmers, advisors, machinery manufacturers, food industry experts, agro-chemical producers, insurance services and experts of national paying agencies in agriculture, this EO4AGRI workshop aims at gathering their experience with the European Union’s common agricultural policy (CAP).

Sello finalista

The Open Awards were born in 2016 with the objective to publicly recognize companies, administrations, personalities and communities that create, support and promote Open IT Innovation projects and initiatives that have stood out the most during last 12 months.


The EO4AGRI project team recently had another very successful and productive two-day plenary meeting in Rome, Italy hosted by our e-GEOS partner.

Results in numbers

EO4AGRI was a key player during the Nairobi INSPIRE hackathon taking place virtually from March to April 2019. In this ocassion, the mentors led the virtual part of the hackathon, and the final results were presented at the IST-Africa 2019 conference in Nairobi on 10th May in a workshop.

1st EO4AGRI newsletter
We welcome you to the first issue of the EO4AGRI Newsletter. A new issue will be published every 6 months from now till the end of the project with the primary aim to inform you about the progress and the results produced, as well as related and interesting activities undertaken during the course of the project.
Are you an agricultural producer?
EO4AGRI will provide farmers, farmer associations and other market actors with orientation about the EO services and tools available as well as will support them in the use of farm-related technologies and systems.
Are you a public sector organisation?
Paying Agency management and technical staff in charge of the EU agricultural subsidies in compliance with the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will benefit from the dedicated EO4Agri platform where information exchange and best practice assessment can be performed.
Are you a financial institution?
EO4AGRI will analyse potential services and techniques based on Copernicus data for the financial sector actors providing with credits and insurance services to the agri-food industry.
Are you working for food security and sustainable agriculture?
Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) and Sustainable Agriculture are still major global challenges. Thus, EO4AGRI will establish a formal cooperation with relevant initiatives and programmes (GEOGLAM, World Food Programme, etc) to actively participate in their opinion forming process and for the joint analysis of the potential of Copernicus exploitation.