Development of scientific, technical and economic guidelines in a three-folded approach

EO4AGRI will develop scientific, technical and economic guidelines on how:

  1. to improve the Copernicus programme offerings
  2. to close the existing gaps
  3. to satisfy application demands in the agricultural sector

Delivery of an end-to-end assessment of operational ICT systems using Copernicus agriculture-support products

EO4AGRI will identify relevant building blocks analysing the more relevant systems today operative or under development. The collected information will be structured to allow consultation and knowledge sharing and will be the baseline for future operational system development. Moreover, recommendations for new generation of systems will be realized and disseminated among relevant stakeholders.

Community building and stakeholders' identification

EO4AGRI will bring together international initiatives and major agriculture-related stakeholder groups (agrifood sector, public sector, commercial users, financial sector). 

Provision of final recommendations for future analysis and research

EO4AGRI will identify the existing gaps in the EU, missing political decisions, etc., to be able to utilise Copernicus programme capacities in their full extent as regards precision agriculture and agricultural monitoring.