During the 115th OGC Technical Committee meeting which will be held virtually, there will be a session EO4Agriculture by Agriculture DWG. The session will be focused on the standardization of EO information for the farming sector and the food sector. It will also include analytical possibilities like AI.

The EO4Agriculture session will be held on June 15th, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT (Room D)

Indicative program:

  • Karel Charvát (Plan4all)– EO4AGRI analysis
  • Maximilien Houël (Sistema Gmbh) – Creation of a vegetation index using Sentinels data and machine learning methods: monitoring of the desert locust impact.
  • Filip Leitner (MUNI) – Predicting cloudiness of satellite images through (meta)data
  • Pavel Hájek (Plan4all) – Climate Change Trends for Africa
  • Vojtech Lukas (Mendelu University), Karel Charvát Jr. (Lesprojekt) – Preparation of application maps for precision farming
  • Antonella Catucci (E-GEOS) – PREMIA: Platform for Risk Evaluation and Management in Agriculture

You don’t have to be an OGC member to attend an OGC meeting. This session is open to anyone to attend and new voices are always welcome.