CANDELA aims at building a platform that delivers building blocks and services that enable users to quickly use, manipulate, explore, and process Copernicus data. The main objective of CANDELA is to bridge the gap between big data technology and the Earth Observation data user community. While the objective is very ambitious, the pragmatic approach that we follow into building CANDELA makes it reachable. With the right blend between solid, operational existing assets, and innovative tools integration, the platform should bring the right to help existing Copernicus users make the leap and endorse big data technology to maximize value creation.

In addition to the existing set of tools that our consortium will set up in the platform, CANDELA enables users to integrate already existing building blocks into a homogeneous, powerful, and operational platform, opening up the collaboration possibilities to research new approaches and offerings. This approach is highlighted by the development of two reference scenarios that will not only contribute as validation scenarios, but that constitutes real commercial, operational scenarios with existing customers.