EO4AGRI collaborates with other associations (Plan4all, Club of Ossiach associations, GODAN, FAO, IST-Africa Conference, Makerere University, AfriGEO, RCMRD) and EU projects (STARGATE, RDA Europe 4.0, SIEUSOIL, DEMETER, SmartAgriHubs, NextGEOSS, EUXDAT, PoliVisu and AFarCloud) in the organization of the Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon 2020. The webinars run under this hackathon will be used to complement the information for the definition of the EO4AGRI agenda and roadmap and will replace the Interim Workshop planned on March 2020 that was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Organized in the framework of the IST Africa 2020 Conference, supported by the European Commission (EC) and the African Union Commission (AUC), the Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 is one of the satellite INSPIRE hackathons addressing a series of societal challenges. More specifically the Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon addresses some of the key topics identified by the IST-Africa conference, such as agriculture, environmental sustainability, collaborative open innovation and ICT-enabled entrepreneurship.

Started in March 2020, the hackathon will run as a fully virtual event and the final phase is on 6th May 2020 between 12 PM and 15 PM CEST where the hackathon results will be presented remotely.

The Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 is organized using an unconventional approach, tailored to cater for cross-continental collaboration, around a set of predefined challenges. Each project has a mentor. EO4AGRI related projects are challenge 2 SmartAfriHub, challenge 7 EO4FoodSecurity and challenge 8 Text mining and metadataFurther details will be provided in dedicated blog post for each of these challeges.



In order to participate in the hackathon, please REGISTER HERE . You can join any of the teams at any time between now and May 2020. The registration is open to anyone from anywhere in the world as the hackathon is done virtually.