The Challenges EO4FoodSecurity and Text Mining and Meta Data (Kampala Hackathon) & Interchangeable map compositions in support of collaborative spatial intelligence (Dubrovnik Hackahton) will be addressed in one free online webinar on Thursday 23th April, at 13:00 CET. This webinar is sponsored by EO4AGRI and presented by our colleague Karel Charvat from Plan4All.

This online training addresses how citizens can contribute to building data for a geospatial hub. The training will describe a technological Geospatial Information (GI) solution for the SmartAfriHub, which could be easily replicated on other infrastructures and which include visualisation, metadata management, data management, mobile access and also the connection to external desktop platforms. All solutions are 100 % based on Open Source, so this could be also the inspiration for local developers.

We will also introduce the concept of Map composition - smart maps, which can be easily shared with others. Part of the training will be also focused on data needs in African agriculture sector, available resources and how this data could be integrated. The SmartAfriHub Map solution is something that can help to solve some problems with GI data in Africa. It is a solution, which could be easy replicated and help to solve SDI problems in Africa.