Full house attention for Tomas Orlickas (NATIONAL PAYING AGENCY OF LITHUANIA) presenting the EO4AGRI survey results during the current Panta Rhei conference on Copernicus use by CAP paying agencies.

This conference, which took place in Copenhagen (Denmark), gathered all Paying Agencies from the European Union, which are responsible for the funding of agriculture lands and subsidising farmers in regards to their crop. These Paying Agencies belong to the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD), that acts as a hub for connecting rural Europe and serves as a platform for the sharing of ideas and experiences on how Rural Development Programmes are working in practice.

The main stakeholders of the ENRD include National Rural Networks (NRNs), RDP Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies, Local Action Groups (LAGs); European stakeholder organisations; agricultural advisory services and other interested rural development stakeholders and organisations.