EO4AGRI was a key player during the Nairobi INSPIRE hackathon taking place virtually from March to April 2019. In this ocassion, the mentors led the virtual part of the hackathon, and the final results were presented at the IST-Africa 2019 conference in Nairobi on 10th May in a workshop. The workshop was well visited by IST-Africa attendees that contributed to a lively discussion of the results.

The response was overwhelming. The Nairobi INSPIRE hackathon is the biggest hackathon event to this date with overall 228 participants representing 41 countries over 4 continents. It demonstrates that there is a great interest and capability to address issues of common interest across different regions.  Out of the 41 countries there were 26 countries from Africa, 8 from Europe and 7 from other continents.

Further details can be found at the link below.