Czech Republic
Full name
Plan4all z.s.

Plan4all is a non-profit association sustaining and further enhancing the results of multiple research and innovation projects. Plan4all conducts research and experimental development and transfers the gained knowledge into practice.

Plan4all aggregates large open datasets related to planning activities in different specialisms including spatial planning, transport, urban planning, environment, tourism and precision farming. Plan4all makes sure that open data are easily accessible for reuse, data are maintained and their quality is improved.

Plan4all is an umbrella organisation of 38 partners from 18 countries including public bodies, universities, research organisations and business partners. Plan4all is a member of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative.

The members of Plan4all have different expertise in IT and GIT, data management, infrastructures in domains including spatial data harmonisation, data analysis and visualisation, web app and tool development, user engagement and business planning. The task of Plan4all is to guarantee sustainability of large Open Data sets harmonised on the base of principles of W3C, INSPIRE, GEOSS and Copernicus.